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Updated: May 19, 2022

All our products are lovingly hand made in our workshop in Lincolnshire. Keep reading to find out how all your favourite Freckleface products go from raw ingredients to luxury home fragrance and bath & body goodies



Our range of reed diffusers come in elegant glass bottles, labelled by hand and each scent is blended with our range of essential and fragrance oils to delivery luxury flameless home fragrance.

The process starts with the oils - quality fragrance and essential oils are blended to deliver unique scents to suit your mood. Each bottle is sterilised and warmed before being filled by hand with exactly 140ml of the blended fragrance and topped with a black cap. 5 stylish black scent reeds are selected by hand and added to the plastic-free packaging along with the glass diffuser, ready for gifting or personal use.


Our team of makers lovingly make each of our wax melts my hand, blending the wax with our fragrance and essential oils before pouring the concoction into moulds and individually hand topping each one with complementary botanicals and garden goodies.

Whether it's an individual coffee bean placed in the centre of the mould as the wax dries, or a scattering of dried citrus peel or flower petals covering the entire surface, at Freckleface HQ we take care to ensure each melt looks as good as it smells.


Like every product that we produce at Freckleface, our selection of luxury scented candles are made by hand too. We don't have any machinery, so each candle, be it in a tin, a tea light or an elegant glass jar is mixed, poured and weighed individually by hand to ensure the perfect product - every time. Every wick is handmade and placed delicately in its holder to ensure a consistent burn and maximise the life of your candle.

We used over 8 tonnes of wax in 2021 so as you light your candles, melt your melts or inhale the decadent scents of your reed diffuser, take a moment to think about our wonderful team of makers; happily bopping along to the radio, chuckling with each other about the day's events and working together to deliver luxury products.

Oh, and think of the tea - they get through A LOT of tea!

Thank you for supporting our family business

The Freckleface Team


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2 comentarios

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Me gusta

Ian Ewers-Larose
Ian Ewers-Larose
13 may 2022

have been a customer now 4 yrs and I just love the wax melts and candles the smell is so wonderful it’s uplifting in a sunny day warm & cozy in a cold wet day - I have had so many friends join thank you Team xxx

Me gusta
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