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Celebrate in style with DIY flags and bunting!

In just a few easy-to-follow steps, we'll show you how to make fun flags and Jubilee bunting from recycled and recyclable materials.

First, you'll need to print off our helpful template for making flags and bunting at home.

Bunting Template
Download PDF • 341KB

Flag Template
Download PDF • 341KB

To make our festive bunting you will need;
  • Copies of our bunting template found above cut to size - or any pieces of decorative card you have at home

  • You'll need a hole punch or something to safely make holes in the top of your bunting material - you'll need a lot of these to make a good length of bunting!

  • Next, you'll need something to string up your bunting. We found some garden twine in the workshop, but anything that will thread through your holes and tie to your fastening points will be enough. We want your bunting to be made from items you have in the house, so try looking in garden sheds and garages - or sewing and craft drawers for some inspiration!

  • Simply thread your string or twine through your holes and move your card along to the end of the string. Keep adding your card until your string is full

It's as easy as that - your bunting is ready to hang!

To make our fun flags, you will need to;
  • Make copies of our celebratory flag from the template cut to size - or use any flag cutouts or pieces of decorated card you have at home

  • Make holes to the top and bottom of the card to the left hand side using a hole punch or other safe equipment.

  • Next, you need something you can repurpose to use as a flag stick; in the workshop we found small garden canes, used reeds from our reed diffusers, chopsticks (great for stirring wax!) and wooden skewers. You need something about 3 times the height of your flag.

  • Finally, simply thread your flag stick through the holes you made on your flag and voila!

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