Frequently asked questions

How long do your wax melts last for?

Each melt will fragrance fo 20hours. Some melts last longer, citrus scents tend to be the longest lasting, but all wax melts should give you a minimum of 20hrs fragrance, when used with a 4hr tealight or an electric oil burner.

How do I clean my oil burner?

Our wax is soya wax is very soft and can easily be cleaned.
You can either:
wait for it to go hard and 'pop' it out with a spoon. Give it a good shove with a spoon and it should pop out whole. Soya wax is a natural product so it does vary from batch to batch. If you are having trouble getting your wax out. Let it melt ever so slightly before popping it out. If you are having trouble removing it, it means your oil burner isn't glazed or the glaze is wearing off. You can scoop it out with a spoon when hard as the wax is very soft

Where can I buy refills?

You can buy online, find us at a local show, or look on our stockist page for your local Freckleface Stockist.

Are your wax melts vegan / enviornmentally friendly / natural

Yes. Our melts are suitable for vegans as they don't contain any animal products. They are envioronmentally friendly as we use soya wax and fragrance without toxins or parabens. Our products are a mix of essential oils and synthetic fragrance, but they aren't toxic to the enviroment or people / animals. We source our wax responsibly and use local produce where possible. We try to source our botanical toppings from UK growers.

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