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Freckleface started in 2017 as a hobby and a way of showing our son how a business works (he's always been a little entrepreneur). We made wax melts and candles for family and his teachers and it has grown from there.

My son Noah is now 18 and is my business partner, we are proud to have built a brand that is now stocked in over 600 shops and continues to grow and expand.

We decided early on to be a business we are proud of so our products are vegan, all of our ingredients are ethical, plastic free and locally sourced where possible.

We are a family run business, with my husband, nephew & friends now working for us in our workshop where we make everything by hand.​ You don't have to have freckles to work here but currently most of us have freckles!

Thank you so much for supporting our business and following our journey as we grow and find our way in the world of home fragrance

Love Tara + Noah

The Frecklefaces


100% VEGAN

100% Vegan

Handmade in our workshop

Plastic Free Packaging

Our Partners


All of our ingredients are ethical, plastic free and locally sourced where possible. Take a look at some of our incredible UK suppliers who provide us with high quality products.


Lynn South Farm (LSF) are British growers who’ve been experts in producing Dried Flowers and Petals for wholesale since 1986. 

You'll see some of LSF's beautiful dried petals on some of our wax melts inclluding Clean Laundry & Floral Oud.



Broadlands Pottery is family run business in Gloucester that began in 2017. They create handmade ceramic gifts and bunting.

All of our ceramic scent carrier are lovingly handmade by Broadland pottery.

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