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Our Soya Pick and Mix wax melts won the Gift of the Year Award in 2023 in the Home Fragrance Category.


Recreate the in store experience of picking and mixing your own tube of 10 wax melts. You can tailor your choice to ensure you always have your favourite fragrance.


Simply add 1 wax melt at a time to your shopping cart  so you receive a tube of your personal selection. 


Note: Our Pick & Mix wax melt tubes hold 10 melts, so please order in multiples of 10.


Made from soya wax, our melts are paraffin-free, vegan friendly and come with no plastic packaging


See fragrance glossary on this product page for more information about each scent. 

Freckleface Pick & Mix Wax Melts

  • Bayberry & Clove - Spicy, musk, fruity. The bayberry fragrance has been used for centuries as a candle fragrance during the holidays. Blended with pine, cinnamon, rich spicy cloves and lemon rinds make it a wonderful backdrop to the festive season.
    Bergamot Verbena - Citrus, floral, uplifting.  A wonderfully sophisticated and fresh uplifting fragrance with floral and herbal undertones, bergamot encourages positive moods.
    Calm & Unwind - A calming blend of lavender, bergamot, chamomile, petitgrain and sweet orange
    Christmas Star - Spicy, Earthy, Citrus. A classic holiday fragrance spent sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Combines orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace.
    Cinnamon Latte - A sweet spicy aroma with tones of rich coffee and warming cinnamon. Beautifully balanced with hints of almond and vanilla.  
    Clean laundry - Fresh, clean, soapy. Reminiscent of your laundry drying on the radiators. Perfect for when you've just cleaned your home to fill each room with a fresh comforting fragrance to make any space inviting.
    Coconut & Sea Salt - Sweet, Fresh, Salty. Fill your home with this wonderfully sunny fragrance. A fresh mix of coconut, floral tones and sea salt makes this our go to fragrance to transport you to tropical climates.
    Coffee Cooler - A strong punchy fragrance to awaken your senses with freshly ground coffee and sweet vanilla.
    Cranberry Marmalade - Sweet, fruity, festive. Tart cranberries, cinnamon, cloves and sugar wrap all the fruits together to create a wonderfully festive fragrance
    English Rose - Fresh, floral, English garden. Reminiscent of crushing rose petals into perfume as a child. Fresh floral rose is perfect to calm your mind and balance your mood.
    Eucalyptus & Peppermint - Fresh, uplifting, menthol, minty. Perfect for easing your sinuses, bringing comfort and uplifting your mood when you have a cold.
    Evergreen - Woody, musky, crisp. Take a walk through the woods on a crisp winters day, with tones of cedar, pine and musk.
    Floral Oud - Floral, musk. A wonderfully indulgent blend of florals combine with intense oud, patchouli and amber to create a sumptuously luxurious fragrance to take you from the Summer into Autumn.
    Frankincense & Myrrh - A vibrant citrus floral fragrance with notes of sweet mandarin combined with orange blossom and jasmine.
    Grapefruit & Mangosteen - Tangy, sweet, citrus. Grapefruit and mangosteen is a tropical blend offering a punchy and bright aroma. Perfect for the summer months and transporting you to warmer weather to come. 
    Green Tea & Lemongrass - Relaxing, citrus, calming, spicy. A wonderful blend of green tea & spicy lemongrass to uplift your mood.
    Honeysuckle & Jasmine - Floral, rich, sweet. A rich floral fragrance with gentle honeysuckle and nightflowering jasmine. Bringing the scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers into your home.
    Hygge - Warm, citrus, spice. A rich blend of wintery fragrances, warm citrus orange and lemon followed by rich warm cinnamon, ginger and clove with hints of jasmine and fresh pine resting on a base of sensual woods and musk. Snuggle up, light the candles and embrace the Hygge lifestyle.

    Jasmine and Lime - Sweet, floral jasmine with zesty lime.

    Lavender - Floral, relaxing, calming. Punchy strong lavender will help ease worries and calm your mind. Full of essential oils to aid sleep.
    Lemon & Pine - Citrus, green notes, fresh. Zesty lemon & fresh pine are blended together to make your home smell clean and eliminate odours. Perfect to get rid of unwanted odours in the kitchen or bathroom.
    Lemongrass & Coconut -Sweet, fresh, warming. Sweet coconut combined with freshly cut lemongrass provides a tropical and lively fragrance. Reminiscent of enjoying a cool drink in warm climates.
    Mediterranean Fig - Warm, earthy, fruity. Green fresh fragrance reminiscent of holidays in warmer climates.
    Mistletoe - Sweet, festive, floral. Embrace the festive season with our Mistletoe fragrance. A crisp pine scent with notes of green apples and sweet berries. The perfect fragrance to enjoy with a loved one this joyful season.
    Orange Blossom - A vibrant citrus floral fragrance with notes of sweet mandarin combined with orange blossom and jasmine. 
    Orange, Lime & Basil - Citrus, clean, fresh. A unique fragrance which brings together clean fresh tones with citrus notes and herbs.
    Patchouli - Musky, earthy, exotic aroma. In Eastern cultures, it is commonly used around the house to provide general support for health and to help release negative emotions. Packed full of essential oils.
    Peony & Vanilla - Floral & sweet. Feminine fragrance of romantic peonies blended with sweet vanilla.
    Pomegranate Black - Rich, fruity, musky. Inspired by the famous fragrance this heady mix is perfect for a night in with a movie.
    Rocksalt & Driftwood - Rich, powerful, musk. A rugged oceanic fragrance with fresh, musk tones. One of our more masculine scents, Rocksalt & Driftwood is perfect for those looking for a more powerful aroma to fill their home.
    Sage & Pomegranate - Rich, fruity, musky. A vibrant green floral with botanical sage, sweet pomegranate and redcurrant.
    Sage, Pomegranate & Eucalyptus - Rich, fruity, menthol. Botanical sage, fruity pomegranate with deep musk undertones combined with menthol eucalyptus make this the perfect fragrance for winter days.
    Sandalwood & Black Pepper - Spicy, musk, rich. A bold and exotic fragrance with woody and spicy tones. The perfect unisex aroma for lovers of fantastically rich fragrance.
    Sea Breeze - Fresh, salty, clean. A fresh clean scent with salty undertones to bring the seaside into your home.
    Spiced Nutmeg - A rich, spicy fragrance with notes of nutmeg and ginger alongside warm dark wood and sweet winter berries.  A luxurious, decadent aroma. 
    Spiced Orange - Spicy, citrus, warm. Sweet, ripe, warm oranges blended with cloves and spices.
    Strawberries & Cream - Fruity & sweet. Summery, ripe strawberries blended with rich vanilla.
    Sweet Pea - Floral, sweet, fresh. A fresh, sophisticated & feminine fragrance to bring the scent of a quintessential English garden into your home.
    White Tea & Sage - Citrus, earthy, rich. Bergamot, sandalwood and jasmine citrus fragrances blend beautifully with earthy sage give this fragrance a botanical vibe.
    Winter Nights - Deep, musk, rich.  A warming blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and leather with rich amber and cashmere musk. Perfect for a night in by the fire.

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