All of our products are handmade by us here in the UK, which means we control what goes into it. We strive to create products that are as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging is plastic-free and our products are all vegan. With fragrance times of at least 20 hours and incredible throw power that will fill the room, we hope you love using our products as much as we love creating them!

Pick & Mix Soya Wax Melts

Pick And Mix Your Wax Melts
  • Postage is FREE.  Our Pick & Mix wax melt tubes hold 10 melts, so please order in multiples of 10. (Any order under 10 melts will incure a £2.50 postage charge at checkout)

    There is no need for a signiture as our tubes fit straight through your letterbox!

  • Lavender - fresh, floral notes of a beautiful summer garden. Used to help with relaxation and anxiety making it the perfect scent for your bedroom. 


    Sea Breeze - A clean, fresh scent with salty undertones. Transport yourself to the seaside. 


    Rose - A strong floral fragrance, subtle sweetness reminisent of summer days. Also used for calming purposes. 


    Orange, Lime & Basil - Uplifting citrus with gorgeous musky lower tones makes this a sophisticated fragrance for any room. 


    Peony & Vanilla - The subtle floral hints from the peony pair beautifully with the sweet vanilla giving this fragrance an addictive perfumy essence. 


    Clean Laundry - Bring the smell of freshly washed laundry to each room with this commanding fragrance. A perfect scent for welcoming people into your home. 


    Pomegranate Black - Full of complicated layers, musky undertones paired with fruity high notes make this a great fragrance for an evening in front of the TV with your loved ones. 


    Green Tea & Lemongrass - A delicate scent blended with relaxation in mind. The lemongrass is gently stimulating while the green tea provides herbal hints. 


    White Tea & Sage - Bergamot, Sandalwood, Jasmine & Citrus Fragrances blend beautifully with earthy sage to give this fragrance a botanical vibe.


    Sage & Pomegranate - Vibrant green floral notes paired with sweet pomegranate and red currant, topped with botanical sage. 


    Sage, Pomegranate & Eucalyptus - Botanical sage & fruity pomegranate with deep musk undertones combined with Eucalyptus creates the perfect fragrance to bring the spa to your own home. 


    Coconut & Sea Salt - A fresh mix of coconut, floral tones and sea salt make this our go to fragrance to transport us to tropical climates.


    Lemon & Pine - A very citrussy fresh fragrance with just a hint of pine. Lemon & Pine together are well known to fight bugs, clean the air and help neutralise odours. 


    Sweet Pea - A romantic, sweet, floral fragrance. Subtle yet beautiful. 


    Mediterranean Fig - A rich, fruity fragrance that is reminicent of Italy on a hot sunny day, fig trees with green undertones and a sophisticated warm fragrance. Perfect for the evening or dinner parties.


    Jasmine & Lime - Utilising the powerful floral fragrance of the Jasmine flower to bring you a wonderfully fresh, floral soya wax melt. Strong floral elements with zingy lime to add depth and freshness.


    Strawberries & Cream - Strawberries & Cream is a sweet summery scent. Capturing the essence of Wimbledon on a warm English summers day. 


    Eucalyptus - This is an ideal fragrance for when you have a cold or sinus problems. Highly scented with natural oils, it's perfect for clearing your nose or head before bedtime.


    Spiced Orange - Fresh orange, with undertones of cloves, cinnamon and spices.This is a deliciously warm fragrance will make your rooms feel warm and snuggly. Perfect for the colder nights.


    Bergamot Verbena - Strong citrus with undertones of floral. A very fresh fragrance with sophisticated tones for summer.


    Coffee - I based this wax melt on my favourite iced drink - a coffee cooler - it's fresh italian coffee, blended with ice, milk and vanilla. It gives a very homely feel when melted. Warming vanilla with strong coffee aromas.