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Transform any room into a calming sanctuary with our beautiful Luminarie Aroma Diffuser featuring an intricate geometric design. This beautiful diffuser not only adds a touch of luxury to your home but also delivers golden ambient light, relaxing fragrance and moisture to the air.


Simply fill with water, add a few drops of your chosen fragrance or essential oil and at the touch of button the diffuser fills any space with a fine mist of heatless, scented vapour. This design also conveniently features an intermittent mist control switch to fragrance your room without overpowering your senses.


Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before use.


Luminarie Aroma Diffuser - Black

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  • The Luminarie ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser provides a revolutionary way to fragrance your surroundings.  It works by creating high frequency vibrations that breaks down the water and oil into minute particles which are then effectively diffused into the immediate surroundings.

    • Aroma Diffuser: Can be used with ambient lighting or without the light, ideal for night time use
    • Night Lamp: Can be used without mist, ideal for use as a night light
    • Low energy LED lights
    • Mini humidifier
    • Quiet operation
    • Auto shut-off when water runs out for additional safety
    • Easy to clean and use

    Note: Auto shut-off does not operate when using light only mode.

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