Our luxury mini soya candles are handmade in our workshop using the finest ingredients and techniques. We have 21 fragrances available to choose from before you comit to a larger candle. We load our candles with our bespoke luxury fragrances giving our candles the maximum scent throw possible. Fill your home with fragrance.


A high end candle without the price tag. Burn time 16hrs. 70g. 


Free Delivery on orders over £12.50.


All of our candles are wrapped in black and white tissue paper with a freckleface sticker, making them good enough to gift or keep for yourself, but if you would like to add that extra something, why not add our beautiful gift box with ribbon and send them straight to the recipient just £3.50 


Mini Luxury Candles

  • Bergamot Verbena - Citrus, floral, uplifting. A wonderully sophisticated fragrance perfect for any room.


    Christmas Star - Rich, deep, musky. This heady mix is perfect for the winter months, although has a cult following all year round. It's a strong fragrance that fills a room. All of your favourite festive aromas in one candle - earthy smokey fire place, spices, fir, pine notes from the Christmas tree and a fruity background.


    Clean Laundry - Fresh, clean, soapy. Reminiscent of your laundry drying on the radiators. Perfect for when you've just cleaned your home to fill each room with a fresh comforting fragrance.


    Coconut & Sea Salt - Sweet, fresh, salty. Transport your senses to a tropical island.


    Coffee Cooler - Coffee, vanilla, sweet. Based on our favourite iced coffee drink, this strong coffee & vanilla fragrance will make any coffee morning that little bit more special. 


    English Lavender - Floral, relaxing, calming. Punchy strong lavender will help ease worries and calm your mind. Perfect for when you need some self care.


    English Rose - Floral, relaxing, calming, fresh. Reminiscent of crushing rose petals into perfume as a child. This uplifting floral fragrance is perfect to calm your mind, ease hormonal imbalance and reduce anxiety. Rose oil has been used for generation to ease stress.


    Eucalyptus & Peppermint - Fresh, uplifting, menthol, minty. Perfect for easing your sinus' and bringing comfort and uplifting your mood when you have a cold.


    GreenTea & Lemongrass - Fresh, uplifting, citrus. Relaxing, calming but also invigorationg green tea and lemongrass are the perfect combination for burning whilst you do yoga or pilates. Also good for upfliting the mood of your home.


    Indianna Rose - Floral, fresh, clean. Our unique blend of floral notes of Rose, Jasmine & Freesias, plus wonderully fresh powdery tones is named after Frecklefaces niece 'Indianna Rose' blended and created for Indiannas  wedding, it's now a firm family favourite and brings an air of luxury to your home.


    Jasmine & Lime - Sweet, floral, citrus. Sweet foral Jasmine and zesty lime will bring vibes of being in warmer climates and fill your home with a fresh clean femine fragrance.


    Lemon & Pine - Citrus, green notes, fresh. Lemon & pine are perfect together to make your home smell clean and also eliminate odours. Created to burn in the kitchen or bathroom.


    Mediteranean Fig - Warm, earthy, fruity. Green fresh fragrance, deep and complex with green and earthy tones to bring the mediterannean to your home.


    Orange, lime & basil - Citrus, clean, fresh. A unique complex blend with soapy clean tones often used in mens aftershaves.


    Patchouli - Deep, rich, earthy, sweet. Musky and rich with a high percentage of essential oils to help ease depression and stress.


    Peony & Vanilla - Sweet, floral, feminine. Romantic peonies blended with sweet vanilla - perfect for romantic evenings or girls nights in.


    Pomegranate Black - Rich, fruity, musky. Inspired by the famous fragrance this heady mix is perfect for a night in with a movie.


    Spiced Orange - Citrus, cloves, wintery. Fresh oranges with a background of cloves and spices. Perfect for winter evenings.


    Stawberries & Cream - Sweet, rich, fruity. Summery ripe strawberries blended with vanilla. Perfect for younger customers or those with who prefer fruity, foody aromas.


    Sweet Pea - Floral, sweet, fresh. Clean and floral this delicate feminine fragrance will bring the scent of an engish garden into your home.


    White Tea & Sage - Uplifiting, fresh, clean. Bergamot, sandalwood, Jasmine and Citrus fragrances blended together to bring an uplifting botanical vibe to your home.








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