Lemon & Pine was our biggest seller last year. It's a very citrussy fresh fragrance with just a hint of pine. Lemon & Pine together are well known to fight bugs, clean the air and help neutralise odours. For these reasons, its perfect for when you've cooked fish or curry or to melt in cloakrooms and bathrooms.

Topped with Lemon peel chunks and the pine needles from our Christmas Tree!



  • Our soya wax melts fragrance for 20hrs per melt and used in conjunction with our soya wax tea lights or electric oil burners, give a totally clean burn with no toxins or parafin.


    Ingredients: Sustaiably sourced soya wax, candle fragrance & essential oils.

    We don't use any plastic in our packaging and all of our products are Vegan and toxin free.


  • We provide free delivery on all wax melts. 

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