This is perfect for when you have a cold or sinus problems. Highly scented with natural oils, it's perfect for clearing your nose or head before bedtime. 


Here at Freckleface HQ we use it in our babies rooms when they have stuffy noses (in an electric oil burner and up high where they can't reach it. Not suitable to leave in childrens rooms if they are mobile).


Put on in your bedroom for an hour before bed and the oils will aid sleep

Coloured with natural Macha Powder, we don't use any artificial colourants in our melts.


NOTE: always blow out candle before you sleep.




  • Our soya wax melts fragrance for 20hrs per melt and used in conjunction with our soya wax tea lights or electric oil burners, give a totally clean burn with no toxins or parafin.


    Ingredients: Sustaiably sourced soya wax, candle fragrance & essential oils.

    We don't use any plastic in our packaging and all of our products are Vegan and toxin free.


  • We provide free delivery on all wax melts. 

    Simply choose 'free wax melt delivery' at checkout.